Friday, October 3, 2008

Plasma: Power Hoggers and Heat dissipators!

Yeah,I know this has been debated countless times, again and again, over the mails, in the forums. However what I am gonna write is nothing about that. Well, honestly, it's bit related but not entirely. I am already decided upon LCD and am hunting for the right deal, however yesterday, accidently ended up being in a plasma showroom. The first thing that I noticed over there is: HEAT. Prior to this I always ended upon being in a LCD showroom and never felt heat around me, but at this showroom, I kept on feeling it.

Secondly, since these plasma, as we already know consume quite a good chunk of wattage, consequently, I anticipated that to be converted into heat, but not this much, what I experienced over at the shop, convinced me to pitch for the LCD!