Monday, March 2, 2009

Got the Navigator!

First thing first, the pics!

I had been planning to buy a cycle for a very long long time. Months back, I was cycling with a BSA Mach 18 Speed. I later sold it off, cause it had small frame and was giving me nagging back ache inspite of adjusting all possible aspects of it. Hence not using it for a long time, sold it off one fine day.

After doing some good research on net, (Pranav's review), had zeroed onto the LA Sovereign Navigator. However the day and time when I could go, pay for it and grab it wouldn't ever come.

Today, after having a nice chicken pulao for lunch, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to go get it. That meant some good amount of time and was possible only in the evening. Cycling in the afternoon was out of question, as its getting hot out there, secondly I am not habitual of cycling, hence might end up dehydrating myself. So I pinged my wife about the plans for evening and mentioned my intention of the cycle purchase. We already had discussed about cycle and she had an idea about the cost. Since we had carpenters working on the door, somebody had to stay back, so I got the green signal and decided to buy the cycle in the evening.

I immediately called Surendar Cycles and told them that I am coming at the shop. Post that I started getting ready, my prep list was:

  • Fuel for self: Glucon - D in 1 litre bottle. (Thanks for the advise)
  • Fuel for soul: Creative Zen.
I started to my destination with a ride on my bike, pulsar. I left the bike at office (BMC Software, Senapati Bapat Road) and then took an auto from there to Surendar Cycles. During my ride in auto, I was continuously questioning myself, buying cycle is all fine, but can I make it back home? Cause the distance, as per Google is almost 13 km. I have had no practice for a long time and was wondering if I would be able to do it, I was not sure if my body could take it. I am 6' and weigh 80kg.

At Surendar Cycle, mine cycle was assembled along with a Firefox fusion. Not trying to hurt Firefox fanboys, but that dark blue firefox fusion appeared frugly in front of the majestic black and silver sovereign. The guy who purchased the firefox couldn't help staring back at the navigator.

While mine cycle was being assembled, many interesting things were happening at the store. Kids were trying out there tiny cycles, while elders were looking at mine cycle being assembled. One doc from a reputed hospital arrived in his zen along with his wife and purchased some 4k cycle. Post keeping the cycle in the car (??), the mechanic over there claimed to me: Saab, yeah cycle agar dookan se car mein le jaa rahe hai, to soch lijiye ki kitna chalane waalein hai. I just smiled and winked at him. By now, mine cycle was ready, I took a test ride, got the saddle and brake fixed. The mechanic warned me not to use 1st, 3rd front gears. As per him, I can start using them after the next servicing! Anyways did the payment and left the store.

Ohh joy, finally free! yup thats what I felt, finally!

It was already 8:45pm and soon got face to face with the chaotic traffic of Pune. I started being very careful and had an eye on the back side. Till the Symbiosis, everything seemed in a brownian motion around me.

Now I was face to face with the uphill road in front of Symbiosis college. I started lowering the gears and till midway I was already at the first gear. The uphill was far from completed and I contemplated about doing the front first gear. I thought for 2 seconds...and then went of the saddle! Well what was expected? Its brand new cycle and the mechanic had warned me that if I tried 1st ,3rd front gear, I might break the chain.

Did a bit of walk, covered the uphill and soon was running down hill in front of the audi showroom. By now I was thirsty and bit drained. Hence decided to take a break at office. Break at office felt nice, had plenty of water, refreshed there and started back at the cycle. Before starting, finished half of the glucon d that I had packed for myself. Yup, never felt Glucon D that better, before.

From here on the ride was good, since I had cycled before, I was aware of the safe way back home. I took a last Glucon-D break at Bhel Electronics gate on the Kalewadi road. My bums were shouting as hell! From there home was hardly 2-3 km and made it back home at Kunal Icon by 9:30.

Great I felt great! I had initially thought that I didn't have the energy to make it back home. I had even contemplated that I would give up in between and just take a rick back home. But nope, I did it all the way back home. For celebration sake, I bought 3 bars of Bournville for my wife. Nope, I abhor chocolates.

At home, I just did a self check. I was not panting, thats good. My breaths were fast...expected. All and all good.

So coming back to the question that I had to myself, can I make it? Well I did. Was it good? so far right now, as I am writing this blog, things appear fine, legs are also fine. However I can't give it passed just now, as the actual body pain if any will appear tomorrow.

Concluding, a great experience!

Last but not the least, damages: 9.4k. Not bad. :)

Updates: Morning time: Body is ok, legs are ok, things are fine ;).