Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HTPC Showoff

The right side cabinet is the guy that holds HTPC and does ventilation. I am right now in the process of investigating a good 5.1. I am inclined towards yamaha, once done they will fall in place where the wires are left out. The 2.1 is temporary and will leave the place soon. Only Disht TV STB and the remote receiver of HTPC is exposed.

My belief: Only stuff that matter should be exposed, rest all should be hidden from the user.

Mine WFA: 10/10


HTPC cabinet

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to measure cycle seat hight.


  1. In-seam measuring: stand erect. insert a book approximately 5 cm width in the groin (in between the thighs) touching the groin. measure the distance from the closed end of the book touching the groin to the floor.
  2. Center to top measurement: Multiply the figure in step1 by .88 (Point 88).

This tells you the exact Seat height.

This method was first adopted by an American cyclist Greg Le Mond.