Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Setting for Samsung LCD 550

Mode = Movie
Backlight = 4
Contrast = 90
Brightness = 51
Sharpness = 0
Color = 48
Tint = G54/R46

Black Adjust = Off
Dynamic Contrast = Off
Gamma = 0
Color Space = Custom
Red: R41 - G0 - B0
Green: R21 - G52 - B0
Blue: R8 - G0 - B57
Yellow: R52 - G52 - B0
Cyan: R27 - G48 - B48
Magenta: R33 - G0 - B50

Flesh Tone = 0
Edge Enhancement = Off
Xycc = Off

R-Offset = 26
G-Offset = 25
B-Offset = 24
R-Gain = 33
G-Gain = 25
B-Gain = 25

Color Tone = Warm 2
Size = Just Scan
Digital N/R = Off
HDMI Black Level = Set to your device, may be grayed out. Usually "low" unless using PC or expanded levels on PS3/xbox360, in which case set to "Normal".
Film Mode = off (or auto depending on your source)
Blue Mode = Off

Energy Saving = Off
Entertainment modes = Off

Things to consider changing:

  • Backlight - adjust for your environment, higher if you think the picture is too dim, lower if too bright
  • Brightness - depending on your set, you may have to adjust it lower. You should set it with some sort of pattern, if you don't have one, then find a black screen and lower the brightness until you can't see it getting any darker, then go up one.
  • Sharpness - depends on your preference and source. I wouldn't go past about 20 or so on a high-def source though
  • HDMI Black level - it's OK if it's grayed out! If it's not, you need to set it to whatever your device is outputting (in most cases, it's going to be "Low" unless you're using a PC in which case it should be "Normal", or a game console with RGB set to "Full" or "Expanded"

Troubleshooting: "I tried your settings but..."
  • I can't select the warm 2 color tone -- make sure you change the picture mode to "Movie"
  • They're too yellow/reddish/dull -- try setting the color tone to warm 1 or normal
  • Blacks are tinted some color -- adjust R-, G-, and B-offsets in the white balance menu
  • Bright whites have a color tint -- adjust R-, G-, and B-gain
  • Color X looks wrong -- you need to figure out which color it is, then adjust it in the "custom" color space menu. Or just set it to "Auto" and reset color to 50 and tint to G50/R50